Reference Information

  • Executive Reference Manual  This is an 84 page reference document produced by The Spartan Aircraft Company during the time period the Spartan Executive was produced.  It is essentially a combined Pilot’s Operating Manual and Mechanic’s Service Manual.
  • Spartan Executive Service Bulletins  There are no Airworthiness Directives for the Spartan Executive airframe; however, several Service Bulletins were issued.  This file contains all of those Service Bulletins.
  • Spartan Executive Type Certificate (ATC 628) Thirty-four Spartan Executives were built under the authority of this Type Certificate during the years 1936 through 1941.
  • Spartan Executive Sales Brochure This sales brochure from the late 1930’s highlights the features of the Spartan Executive that made it one of the most desirable aircraft of the era.