Spartan Books

This section of the website displays a few Spartan books that have recently been published.  These books are produced and sold through and may be purchased, if desired.  Please take note of two items. First, what you pay for the books is the same amount that I pay – – there is no markup by me. Second, Blurb frequently offers generous discounts and taking the time to search for them can be worthwhile.

The following book covers the 80th Anniversary Gathering of Spartan Executives that was held in conjunction with AirVenture 2016.  Eight Spartans attended this historic event and multiple pictures of each of these rare aircraft are included in the book.

The following book covers a single Spartan, NC 17634.  The only painted exterior surface on this aircraft is the cowling nose ring and consistent with the original Spartan Aircraft Company desire to feature the aluminum skin, this example is brightly polished. The book features many photographs that highlight the shiny surfaces of NC 17634.

The following book is a compilation of most of the articles and pictures contained on this website as of April, 2022. It does not include any of the links to other publications or sites or videos. The amount of content is extensive and the book is 282 pages in length.