Vintage NC17634

Since NC17634 was built in 1939, it has served in many roles ranging from executive transport, to a publicity prop for Betty Grable, to a military trainer to show plane.  It has also displayed a number of different registration numbers including: NC17630, KD-102 (RAF military), N1MJ, NC17667 and finally, NC17634.  This portion of the website displays a few of the many pictures taken while fulfilling those roles.

This is the first known picture of serial number 17, then registered as NC17630.

Criss Morgan and NC17630


Glendale, California airport, wearing Polaris Flight Academy markings. Polaris was a training facility for RAF pilots

Spartan Executive 7W, NC-17630


Betty Grable on the wing of NC17630 (now NC17634)


Betty Grable with an unknown soldier and NC17630 (now NC17634)

Betty Grable and unknown soldier in front of S/N 17

Betty Grable with Squadron Leader Stuart Mills, Pilot Officer Forrest Cox and NC17630 (now NC17634)

Stuart Mills, Betty Grable, Forrest M. Cox and S/N 17

Betty Grable and the most iconic pinup poster of World War II


N17630 (now NC17634) as Texaco 52


N17630 (now NC17634) as Texaco 74

Spartan Executive 7W, NC-17630, Texaco 74


 N17630 (now NC17634) after refurbishment by Spartan Aircraft in 1952

N-17630 in 1952

N17630 (now NC17634) after refurbishment by Spartan Aircraft in 1952